CJ4-3734 - Extract of notes of a meeting between James Allan NIO and Andy Tyrie, UDA - 21 March 1975

'At this clandestine meeting, the only other person present was Tyrie's bodyguard. Tyrie expressed concern for his personal safety and hoped the NIO would assist him in procuring a firearms certificate. If not, Tyrie threatened, he might "have to make provision outside the law." Allan's reponse was that he would prefere not to know about that idea'.
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CJ4-266 - Extract from document prepared by General Officer Commanding NI (GOC NI), Harry Tuzo, sent to SSNI Wm. Whitelaw on 9 July 1972

This document was sent in advance of the breakdown of the IRA ceasefire later that day. Tuzo anticipates its breakdown and writes of his plan for an all-out military offensive against the IRA. He proposed to deal with the threat of civil war being posed by the UDA by taking action against the IRA and by acquiescing in allowing UDA...
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Crown V Brian Nelson Sentence of the Court

5 page sentencing document from the trial of FRU agent Brian Nelson. Given what is now known about Nelson and the extent to which FRU was involved in colluding with the UDA Justice Kelly's remarks on mitigation ring hollow indeed.


In this 4 November 1980 telegram to the British Embassy in Washington, the then Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington, advises of the line to take over the four murders of leading anti H-Block campaigners. He passes on news that three men have been charged for one of the murders, that of independent councillor John Turnly and adds the UDA has never...
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Tuzo to Secretary of State re UDA

Extract from the 'Tuzo Plan' presented to Secretary of State from General Harry Tuzo, dated 9 July 1972 (1 page). Interesting, to say the least, comments on the UDA.
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Declassified Document- 'UFF Fictitious' 02.09.76

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Remembering the Annie's Bar Massacre

On Wednesday 20th December 1972, five men were murdered at Annie's Bar as they watched the mid-week football. This week, on the 45th anniversary of their deaths, we remember them.

Loughrey family lodge complaint with OPONI

How can someone be a suspect in four murders but never be arrested or questioned by the police? How can you be named on the Police National Computer as being wanted for questioning for these murders, yet travel freely around the UK, even reportedly running a bed and breakfast in Scotland? These are...

Weapons and Shooting Statistics (added May 2018)

Official memo on weapons seized on both sides of the border between 1969-1976 with a breakdown of types of weapons and a summary of key seizures. The information was supplied by the RUC Data Reference Centre which carried out intelligence analysis under the aegis of Special Branch. This February 1977 memo highlights the involvement of republican and loyalist organisations in...
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De-proscription of unlawful organisations (added May 2018)

Declassified 1974 NIO discussion doc on de-proscription of UVF and Sinn Fein. The juxtaposition of Sinn Fein (as opposed to the IRA) with the UVF tells us much about British government attitudes to loyalist paramilitary organisations. At the time the UDA remained legal and it would be another 18 years before London finally accepted that the UFF was nothing more...
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