State Violence

PFC believe that the British state’s failure to uphold the principle that no one is above the law was the single greatest factor creating and prolonging the conflict in Ireland.

State Violence

While each and every party to the conflict in Ireland bears responsibility for the human rights abuses it inflicted over 35 years, the PFC believes the state has a special responsibility to admit its own illegal acts.

The PFC believes that, at a time of civil conflict, it is more important – rather than less – that the state upholds the principle underpinning every democratic state: that no-one is above the law. We believe that the British state’s failure to uphold this principle was the single greatest factor creating and prolonging the conflict in Ireland.

State Violence

We believe that through abuses such as state collusion, shoot-to-kill, the use of lethal force (e.g. the events of Bloody Sunday), plastic and rubber bullets and through its failure, through the courts, to hold state forces responsible, London abandoned its duty to its citizens and should now be held accountable.

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    Boris Johnson’s government wants to commission an ‘official history’ of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Yet it is itself censoring numerous files showing British army complicity in the deaths of civilians, depriving bereaved families of access to the truth.
  • Statement on behalf of the family of John Patrick Cunningham, on the passing of Dennis Hutchings

    Following the death of former soldier Dennis Hutchings, the family of John Pat Cunningham wish to acknowledge that this is a difficult time for his family and they should be given time to grieve. No family member will be giving interviews at this time. When the time is judged appropriate the family...
  • Complaint to Bar Council of England & Wales re. Brandon Lewis from family of Billy McGreanery

    We, the family of William Mc Greanery deceased, are writing to express our grave concern at the proposals by a member of the Bar of England and Wales to close down all access to justice for our family on this the anniversary of his death. Mr Brandon Lewis MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland...
  • March for Truth - 50 years later and the fight goes on to find out the truth behind British Army killings and collusion in Northern Ireland

    8th August 2021 Yesterday the March for Truth took place on the 50th Anniversary of the Ballymurphy Massacre and the launch of the internment raids. It rained and poured for the duration of the march but no-one was put off. It was unusually warm under the dark clouds, with the warmth matching the...
  • ‘They tell us to move on, but they won’t let us….’

    “I have been trying for weeks to write something about the 40th anniversary of my father’s death, but I can’t. My anger is so real that it stops me. May is a hard month for our family. It comes every year and I feel like I’m holding my breath until it’s over. My father Harry Duffy, known as Harry...

Declassified Documents

  • The "Hooded Men"- Irish State case

    In 1978 the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) held that the British government had violated Article 3 of the European Commission on Human Rights in their treatment of 14 men in 1971. These "Hooded Men" had been selected for 5 techniques of "Deep Interrogation" - white noise, wall standing/ stress positions, sleep deprivation, bread and water diet, and hooding...
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