Supreme Court Rules PSNI Failure to Investigate 'Hooded Men' Case Illegal

‘SOMETHING AWKWARD’: WHEN CONSERVATIVE MINISTERS AUTHORISED TORTURE The Supreme Court has ruled that Northern Irish police acted illegally in failing to properly investigate the case of the so-called ‘Hooded Men’. Police torture at a British army barracks was “deliberate policy”. A 1977 letter found...


Boris Johnson’s government wants to commission an ‘official history’ of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Yet it is itself censoring numerous files showing British army complicity in the deaths of civilians, depriving bereaved families of access to the truth.


A new article by Anne Cadwallader for Declassified UK on the murders at Sean Graham's on Belfast's Ormeau Road, and the key question - What is the PSNI trying to hide?

Statement on behalf of the family of John Patrick Cunningham, on the passing of Dennis Hutchings

Following the death of former soldier Dennis Hutchings, the family of John Pat Cunningham wish to acknowledge that this is a difficult time for his family and they should be given time to grieve. No family member will be giving interviews at this time. When the time is judged appropriate the family...

Complaint to Bar Council of England & Wales re. Brandon Lewis from family of Billy McGreanery

We, the family of William Mc Greanery deceased, are writing to express our grave concern at the proposals by a member of the Bar of England and Wales to close down all access to justice for our family on this the anniversary of his death. Mr Brandon Lewis MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland...

Events to remember Eamon McDevitt

Statement from the family of Eamon McDevitt Today marks 50 years since my brother Eamon was shot and killed by the British army on this street. It also marks 50 years of injustice and 50 years of impunity by the British state.

March for Truth - 50 years later and the fight goes on to find out the truth behind British Army killings and collusion in Northern Ireland

8th August 2021 Yesterday the March for Truth took place on the 50th Anniversary of the Ballymurphy Massacre and the launch of the internment raids. It rained and poured for the duration of the march but no-one was put off. It was unusually warm under the dark clouds, with the warmth matching the...

PFC Submission to the Independent Review of the HRA Panel

Submission by the PFC to the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act Panel- March 2021

Family of Tobias Molloy, shot dead by a British soldier in 1972, request a fresh inquest from Attorney General of Ireland.

Background: Tobias Molly died on 16th July 1972, aged 18 years, as a result of fatal injuries received when he was struck by a soldier of the 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Lifford Road, Strabane, at the ‘Camel’s Hump’ checkpoint. He was one of three people to die from the use of rubber bullets by the...


We have recently uploaded a series of declassified British government documents accessed by the PFC/ JFF from the National Archives in Kew, London. These documents were used by Margaret Urwin in 'A State in Denial: British Collaboration with Loyalist Paramilitaries.' Available to view here:https:/...


Fermanagh: From Plantation to Peace Process

Fermanagh: From Plantation to Peace Process

Margaret Urwin
Impact of the Parachute Regiment 1970-173

The Impact of the Parachute Regiment in Belfast 1970-73

Pat Finucane Centre-Micheál Smith
Migration Report

Protestant Migration from the West Bank of Derry / Londonderry 1969-1980

Dr Ulf Hansson and Dr Helen McLaughlin
Anatomy of a Cover up

Anatomy of a Cover-up

PFC Report on the deaths of Gary English & Jim Brown, 19 April 1981
A State in Denial

A State in Denial

Margaret Urwin
Counter Gangs


Margaret Urwin
Gerald Donaghey

Gerald Donaghey

Conal McFeely
Hidden History of the UDR

The Hidden History of the UDR

Pat Finucane Centre
Lethal Allies Cover

Lethal Allies

Anne Cadwallader

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Collusion is any act, or omission of an act, in which state agents encourage or engage in criminal actions with illegal forces. It can never...
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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is the system of law enforcement used for all stages of criminal proceedings and punishment. It includes the...
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European Convention on Human Rights

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, better known as the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)...
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Truth Recovery

The PFC believes that bereaved families have a right to truth and justice. We advocate for an independent truth recovery process that is...
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State Violence

PFC believe that the British state’s failure to uphold the principle that no one is above the law was the single greatest factor creating...
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Maghaberry Prison in particular has been dogged by controversies around humiliating strip searches, association among politically motivated...
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The security service MI5 has had overall responsibility for security in the North since August 2007. In August 2007 the British Security...
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Glenanne / Lethal Allies

Drawing on over 15 years of research by the PFC, and using forensic and ballistic information never before published, this book includes...
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Plastic Bullets / Tasers / CS Gas

17 people were killed during the conflict by members of the security forces firing plastic or rubber bullets/ batons. 8 of the 17 people...
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Legacy of Colonialism

Why would an Irish based human rights group produce an exhibit on the legacy of colonialism? And why here and why now? The question about...
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