London’s latest legacy proposals contain nothing for families bereaved in the conflict. No self-respecting judge, police officer/former police officer or historian should touch them with a barge pole. Perpetrators can apply for immunity from prosecution behind closed doors without their evidence...

London's "New" Proposals on Legacy Fall Far Short

The PFC rejects London's latest legacy proposals and calls for implementation of the Stormont House Agreement.

Book review: UDR Declassified – A damning exposé of how a sectarian organisation was encouraged by the authorities

Micheál Smith’s meticulously researched book reveals just how much the British government knew about the UDR’s links with loyalist paramilitaries

Book review: 'UDR Declassified'

UDR Declassified by Micheál Smith is, without doubt, one of the most important studies dealing with the recent Northern Irish conflict.

The UDR: A potent weapon in Britain’s ‘dirty war’ in Northern Ireland

Declassified files reveal the stunning level of collusion between the regiment and loyalists

UDR Declassified - BBC Talkback 30.03.22

On BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback on 30 March 2022, PFC staffer and author of 'UDR Declassified' discussed the new book with host William Crawley and former UDR man David Crabbe.

The British army suspected the UDR was involved in collusion more than 50 years ago

The Irish News' further coverage of 'UDR Declassified' on the morning after its launch in Belfast.

British army plan to 'check UDR guns for murder links'

The Irish News front page of 22 March 2022 covers 'UDR Declassified'

New PFC book hits shops

Shocking exposé of the hidden secrets of the UDR based on a deep dive into declassified British files.

Margaret Urwin's statement to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

Statement submitted for the record by Margaret Urwin to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, at the U.S. Congress' House Foreign Affairs Committee, in its hearing on accountability for human rights abuses during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.


Cover of new book, 'UDR Declassified', showing armed UDR man at a vehicle checkpoint in Northern Ireland

UDR Declassified

Micheál Smith
Fermanagh: From Plantation to Peace Process

Fermanagh: From Plantation to Peace Process

Margaret Urwin
Impact of the Parachute Regiment 1970-173

The Impact of the Parachute Regiment in Belfast 1970-73

Micheál Smith
Migration Report

Protestant Migration from the West Bank of Derry / Londonderry 1969-1980

Dr Ulf Hansson and Dr Helen McLaughlin
Anatomy of a Cover up

Anatomy of a Cover-up

PFC Report on the deaths of Gary English & Jim Brown, 19 April 1981
A State in Denial

A State in Denial

Margaret Urwin
Counter Gangs


Margaret Urwin
Gerald Donaghey

Gerald Donaghey

Conal McFeely
Lethal Allies Cover

Lethal Allies

Anne Cadwallader

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Collusion is any act, or omission of an act, in which state agents encourage or engage in criminal actions with illegal forces. It can never...
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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is the system of law enforcement used for all stages of criminal proceedings and punishment. It includes the...
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European Convention on Human Rights

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, better known as the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)...
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Truth Recovery

The PFC believes that bereaved families have a right to truth and justice. We advocate for an independent truth recovery process that is...
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State Violence

PFC believe that the British state’s failure to uphold the principle that no one is above the law was the single greatest factor creating...
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Maghaberry Prison in particular has been dogged by controversies around humiliating strip searches, association among politically motivated...
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The security service MI5 has had overall responsibility for security in the North since August 2007. In August 2007 the British Security...
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Glenanne / Lethal Allies

Drawing on over 15 years of research by the PFC, and using forensic and ballistic information never before published, this book includes...
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Plastic Bullets / Tasers / CS Gas

17 people were killed during the conflict by members of the security forces firing plastic or rubber bullets/ batons. 8 of the 17 people...
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Legacy of Colonialism

Why would an Irish based human rights group produce an exhibit on the legacy of colonialism? And why here and why now? The question about...
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