The PFC are involved in a number of projects and campaigns to promote truth recovery, justice and respect for human rights.

Recovery of Living Memory Archive

RoLMA documents official and family stories of the conflict. The three phrase project included a factual account of the circumstances surrounding a loved one's death during the conflict compiled through extensive research and/ or engagement with statutory investigative bodies, along with the family's memories of their loved one and the impact of the their death. The final document will be archived in three libraries across Ireland.

Justice for the Forgotten (JFF)

The support group for families bereaved in the south of Ireland, initially JFF’s main focus was on the Dublin and Monaghan families but JFF’s work now covers all cross border bombing attacks.

In their Footsteps

An initiative and moving physical representation of the tragic loss of live during the conflict. Families provide a pair of shoes to symbolise their loved one(s) killed or injured during the conflict, along with a note and/ or photograph. The campaign aims to put pressure on the British and Irish Governments to find an effective mechanism to deal with the past.