De-proscription of unlawful organisations (added May 2018)

Declassified 1974 NIO discussion doc on de-proscription of UVF and Sinn Fein. The juxtaposition of Sinn Fein (as opposed to the IRA) with the UVF tells us much about British government attitudes to loyalist paramilitary organisations. At the time the UDA remained legal and it would be another 18 years before London finally accepted that the UFF was nothing more than a nom de guerre for the UDA. This memo was written weeks before the UVF (Glenanne Gang) bombing of Dublin and Monaghan and the de-proscription went ahead on May 23rd, just days after the multiple bombings. See A State in Denial for detailed documentation on this aspect of de-proscription.



CJ4 643 De-proscription of unlawful organisations - Copy.pdf2.42 MB