Declassified documents

British Govt Legal Advice on UDA roadblocks

Orwellian legal advice on UDA roadblocks from 1972 Advice note from Ministry of Home Affairs dated 22 August 1972 (by this date the duties of this Ministry had been taken over by the Northern Ireland Office) which seeks to retrospectively justify UDA roadblocks which were frequent throughout Belfast and elsewhere in the summer of 1972. The advice note states that...
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In this June 1981 memo, a NIO official calls to mind a concern expressed by the Northern Ireland Secretary, Humphrey Atkins, that banning the UDA would deprive the "security forces" of the access they had to its members "active in terrorism". Accordingly, "it would not be right at present to proscribe the UDA".
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Statement from Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs re 'Hooded Men'

Statement issued by Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan TD in which the government requests of the EcHR that the case of the 'Hooded Men' be reopened in light of new revelations.

Internment- British Documents and the Irish experience

Photos from recent JFF/PFC Feile event (August 2016) with Margaret Urwin, Anne Cadwallader and Tony Brown.