Declassified documents

An internal briefing paper headed 'A Guide to Paramilitary and Associated Organisations' dated 2 September 1976 - the UFF is fictitious.(No file ref.)

This document also states that Andy Tyrie was 'not averse to killing Catholics, even those who have no Republican connections, if he thinks it necessary at any particular point in time.'
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Memo to Lt Col Pownall, MoD from JF Howe, Civil Adviser to GOC re UDR - Membership of UDA, 31 July 1972

In this memo examples are given of possible joint membership of the UDR and UDA. Howe goes on to state: 'One important (but unspoken) function of the UDR is to channel into a constructive and disciplined direction Protestant energies which might otherwise become would be counter-productive to discharge a UDR member solely on the grounds that he was a...
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CJ4-4198 - Memo to PWJ Buxton from Stephen Boys-Smith re possible proscription of UDA in light of recent discovery of arms and ammunition at its HQ - 2nd June 1981

A rather telling memo that illustrates the British Government's ambiguity to the UDA: 'The UDA was not engaged in violence although it might be ready to resort to or encourage violence in extreme situations. Boys-Smith noted that the Secretary of State was anxious that the Government and police be seen as even-handed. He had noted that there had been no...
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CJ4-3734 - Memo to unknown recipient from James Allan re Andy Tyrie - 24 March 1975

In a follow-up to his meeting with Tyrie, James Allan sent a memo to a recipient whose name has been redacted. He reported on Tyrie's personal security concerns and his request for help in procuring a firearms certificate. Allan had suggested that Tyrie's bodyguard might be able to obtain one. Tyrie later rang Allan who told him to apply immediately...
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CJ4-3734 - Extract of notes of a meeting between James Allan NIO and Andy Tyrie, UDA - 21 March 1975

'At this clandestine meeting, the only other person present was Tyrie's bodyguard. Tyrie expressed concern for his personal safety and hoped the NIO would assist him in procuring a firearms certificate. If not, Tyrie threatened, he might "have to make provision outside the law." Allan's reponse was that he would prefere not to know about that idea'.
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CJ4-266 - Extract from document prepared by General Officer Commanding NI (GOC NI), Harry Tuzo, sent to SSNI Wm. Whitelaw on 9 July 1972

This document was sent in advance of the breakdown of the IRA ceasefire later that day. Tuzo anticipates its breakdown and writes of his plan for an all-out military offensive against the IRA. He proposed to deal with the threat of civil war being posed by the UDA by taking action against the IRA and by acquiescing in allowing UDA...
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In this June 1981 memo, a NIO official calls to mind a concern expressed by the Northern Ireland Secretary, Humphrey Atkins, that banning the UDA would deprive the "security forces" of the access they had to its members "active in terrorism". Accordingly, "it would not be right at present to proscribe the UDA".
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Statement from Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs re 'Hooded Men'

Statement issued by Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan TD in which the government requests of the EcHR that the case of the 'Hooded Men' be reopened in light of new revelations.

Internment- British Documents and the Irish experience

Photos from recent JFF/PFC Feile event (August 2016) with Margaret Urwin, Anne Cadwallader and Tony Brown.