CJ4-4198 - Memo to PWJ Buxton from Stephen Boys-Smith re meeting with Chief Constable, 12 January 1982

Boys-Smith's memo reported on his meeting with the Chief Constable the previous day. He [the Chief Constable] had received intelligence that the UDA was planning to kill 15 IRA members. The police had taken some preventive measures but they might not succeed  due to fear of exposing the source of the information. The Chief Constable complained about the government's failure to meet with John McMichael in contrast to Séamus Lynch, a former Official IRA leader. His wish was to see the UDA 'brought into the political fold.'


cj4 4198 Buxton from Boys-Smith 1 12.01.1982.0022.47 MB CJ4 4198 Buxton from Boys-Smith 2 12.01.1982 0022.37 MB