Court Of Appeal Delivers Judgment In Glenanne Report Challenge

The Court of Appeal upheld a decision that the brother of Edward Barnard had a procedural legitimate expectation that an overarching report would be carried out by an independent police team but concluded that there was no enforceable duty under Article 2 ECHR given the passage of time since the...

PFC/JFF respond to Chief Constable

Following publication of an Open Letter from the Glenanne families the Chief Constable has written to all elected representatives rejecting the families' call for him to abide by the terms of the Order of Mandamus issued on November 7 by Mr. Justice Seamus Treacy and not pursue another appeal...

Order of Mandamus in Glenanne Cases

Copy of the Order of Mandamus issued by Judge Treacy on 7 November 2017 compelling the Chief Constable to put in place a mechanism to complete the Overarching Report into collusion in over 120+ killings attributable to the Glenanne gang.

"Becoming an Orphan: Losing Both My Parents And My Idyllic County Tyrone Childhood"

Eamon Devlin, his two brothers and their sister, Patricia, lost both parents in an attack on their home in County Tyrone in May 1974. Gertrude and James Devlin were victims of the so-called "Glenanne Gang" whose members included RUC and UDR men. Here, Eamon tells his story to Peter Carroll for the...

Press Release: Families win legal challenge over failure to investigate Glenanne Gang murders

The families of over 100 people, on both sides of the border in Ireland, murdered by the Ulster Volunteer Force, in collusion with state forces including the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) and the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), have welcomed today’s High Court ruling.

Excerpt from HET report on Miami Showband massacre - Robin Jackson

Jackson, who is now dead, has become one of the most notorious figures of 'The Troubles' and is sometimes referred to as 'The Jackal' in open source material. There has always been considerable speculation in some quarters that Jackson was either an agent of the security forces, or was tolerated by...

Statement of Miami Showband families and survivors in response to the findings of the Historical Enquiries Team

We, the families of Tony, Brian and Fran, as well as survivors Stephen and Des, have waited a very long time, over 36 years in fact, to learn the circumstances surrounding the deaths of our loved ones who were shot down so brutally and so callously in the early hours of a summer morning