"Becoming an Orphan: Losing Both My Parents And My Idyllic County Tyrone Childhood"

04 September 2017

Eamon Devlin, his two brothers and their sister, Patricia, lost both parents in an attack on their home in County Tyrone in May 1974.

Gertrude and James Devlin were victims of the so-called "Glenanne Gang" whose members included RUC and UDR men.

Here, Eamon tells his story to Peter Carroll for the Unison trade union magazine in Yorkshire/Humberside (England).

Patricia and James Devlin were shot dead in 1974 by the notorious "Glenanne Gang".

A story of how the idyllic young-adulthood of four people was ripped apart and how the Devlins were split up to live with elderly aunts and uncles.  

A story of how they gradually came to know and understand the reasons for their bereavement.  

A story of collusion and cynical government reaction to the truth emerging.

Eamon: "I became my own parent.  Now, I don't want retribution.  I want the truth".


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