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Family of Annette McGavigan issue pre-action protocol letter against PPS to make decision on prosecution before 01 May deadline

Lawyers representing the family of Annette McGavigan issued a pre-action protocol letter against the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) yesterday, requesting a prosecutorial decision regarding the soldier who shot their sister Annette before the 01 May deadline. Annette McGavigan was 14 years old when...

'Comfortable in his Coffin'

A 10 year-old Belfast boy was killed by a plastic bullet fired by a British soldier in 1975 - one of 17 people who died from this ammunition during The Troubles. A coroner has now slammed the Ministry of Defence for failing to change its Rules of Engagement in time.

Kathleen Thompson Inquest Verdict

Firing of two shots by Soldier D- 'Unjustified' Following of the delivery of the Coroner’s findings in the Kathleen Thompson inquest, Fearghal Shiels of Madden & Finucane said: “This is yet another clear illustration that the inquest system is capable of achieving the truth for families seeking...

Complaint to Bar Council of England & Wales re. Brandon Lewis from family of Billy McGreanery

We, the family of William Mc Greanery deceased, are writing to express our grave concern at the proposals by a member of the Bar of England and Wales to close down all access to justice for our family on this the anniversary of his death. Mr Brandon Lewis MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland...

Events to remember Eamon McDevitt

Statement from the family of Eamon McDevitt Today marks 50 years since my brother Eamon was shot and killed by the British army on this street. It also marks 50 years of injustice and 50 years of impunity by the British state.

‘They tell us to move on, but they won’t let us….’

“I have been trying for weeks to write something about the 40th anniversary of my father’s death, but I can’t. My anger is so real that it stops me. May is a hard month for our family. It comes every year and I feel like I’m holding my breath until it’s over. My father Harry Duffy, known as Harry...

Prosecutions, Imprisonment and the Stormont House Agreement

A detailed analysis of potential legacy options as of April 2020 prepared by QUB academics and CAJ. Includes controversial proposals aimed at stimulating informed debate.

Labour calls for halt to bill shielding UK soldiers from prosecution

Proposed Overseas Operations Bill would grant immunity from prosecution to British soldiers involved in torture and murder overseas.

Tuzo to Secretary of State re UDA

Extract from the 'Tuzo Plan' presented to Secretary of State from General Harry Tuzo, dated 9 July 1972 (1 page). Interesting, to say the least, comments on the UDA.
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UK to pay £1 million compensation to Greek Cypriots

In an out-of-court settlement the British Government has agreed to pay $1 Million in compensation to 33 former EOKA fighters who were tortured by British troops and police in the 1950s.