Declassified UK, a key British investigative journalism forum, looks at Micheál Smith's new book on the Ulster Defence Regiment

Book review: UDR Declassified – A damning exposé of how a sectarian organisation was encouraged by the authorities

Micheál Smith’s meticulously researched book reveals just how much the British government knew about the UDR’s links with loyalist paramilitaries

Book review: 'UDR Declassified'

UDR Declassified by Micheál Smith is, without doubt, one of the most important studies dealing with the recent Northern Irish conflict.

The UDR: A potent weapon in Britain’s ‘dirty war’ in Northern Ireland

Declassified files reveal the stunning level of collusion between the regiment and loyalists

UDR Declassified - BBC Talkback 30.03.22

On BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback on 30 March 2022, PFC staffer and author of 'UDR Declassified' discussed the new book with host William Crawley and former UDR man David Crabbe.

The British army suspected the UDR was involved in collusion more than 50 years ago

The Irish News' further coverage of 'UDR Declassified' on the morning after its launch in Belfast.

British army plan to 'check UDR guns for murder links'

The Irish News front page of 22 March 2022 covers 'UDR Declassified'

New PFC book hits shops

Shocking exposé of the hidden secrets of the UDR based on a deep dive into declassified British files.

Margaret Urwin's statement to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

Statement submitted for the record by Margaret Urwin to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, at the U.S. Congress' House Foreign Affairs Committee, in its hearing on accountability for human rights abuses during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Blood on London’s hands

The latest article for Declassified UK by PFC's Anne Cadwallader: Whitehall knew for decades that the UDA was carrying out wholesale murder in Northern Ireland - yet ministers long refused to ban it and officials continued to meet its leaders...