Families bereaved in the conflict gathered at the courts buildings in Belfast on 17 April to say "Yes" to the Good Friday Agreement but a resounding "No" to London's proposals to bar all access to the courts, inquests, civil actions. The "In Their Footsteps" exhibition was on display and attracted...


Senior government advisor, Lord Caine, says there's no impediment to former RUC/PSNI serving as investigators in proposed legacy inquiries. Yet another reason for victims' families to oppose Government plans.

PRESS STATEMENT in relation to the settlement of the Campbell family Civil Case, Monday 21 November 2022

There is something wrong with a society that forces the widow and children of Pat Campbell to have to take legal action against elements of that state to get some small level of satisfaction for the pain and hurt that was visited on the family late in the evening of Monday 29 October 1973 by then...

Cousin of Murder Victim, Sean Brown, speaks out against "Legacy Bill"

The Murder of Sean Brown: Inherited Trauma in Northern Ireland: Twenty-five years have now passed since the murder of my father’s cousin, Sean Brown. The Troubles legacy bill does nothing to heal my family’s inherited trauma.

File with PPS after soldier interview- McGreanery Case Update

This article by Kevin Mullan is from the Derry Journal 16.09.22 A British soldier has been interviewed under caution in connection with the fatal shooting of William McGreanery in 1971. A file has been sent to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) to consider whether or not charges should be brought...

'Comfortable in his Coffin'

A 10 year-old Belfast boy was killed by a plastic bullet fired by a British soldier in 1975 - one of 17 people who died from this ammunition during The Troubles. A coroner has now slammed the Ministry of Defence for failing to change its Rules of Engagement in time.

'The Impact on our Family was Colossal' Billy McGreanery

This article by Kevin Mullen appeared in the Derry Journal on 19th September 2022 William McGreanery’s nephew says each time he is interviewed about his uncle he is transported back to his 13 year old self. “Everytime you are involved with an interview or something happens you have to take yourself...

'I want the truth of my da's death' Jennifer Duffy

No one was brought to justice for the death of Harry Duffy. Now his family fear new legacy legislation means no one ever will.

Statement from the family of John Pat Cunningham after the unveiling of a memorial to Dennis Hutchings at Palace Barracks

This week (20.09.22) the PFC wrote to the NIO seeking a response to the two statements released by the family of John Pat Cunningham, reproduced below. At the family's request we have asked the new Secretary of State, Chris Heaton -Harris, for a response. STATEMENT FROM THE FAMILY OF JOHN PAT...

Kathleen Thompson Inquest Verdict

Firing of two shots by Soldier D- 'Unjustified' Following of the delivery of the Coroner’s findings in the Kathleen Thompson inquest, Fearghal Shiels of Madden & Finucane said: “This is yet another clear illustration that the inquest system is capable of achieving the truth for families seeking...