Explaining Collusion and Providing Hard Evidence

Mark Curtis's work in writing about British imperialism and London's true foreign policy strategies is world-renowned. The PFC warmly recommends his books and we were honoured to be asked to write about British policy in Ireland for his new website, "Declassified".

Tribunal judges divided on MI5 secret approvals for serious crime

Statement on behalf of the Pat Finucane Centre, Reprieve and Privacy International and CAJ. Five judges of the UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal have given a divided ruling over a secret MI5 policy allowing security service agents to commit serious crimes on UK soil. The judges decided 3-2 that MI5...


The PFC will be "critically engaging" - alongside bereaved families - with the new Boutcher analytical inquiry into collusion in the "Glenanne Series" of murders and other attacks in which so many were seriously injured. The inquiry, which is expected to take two years to complete (at least) will be...

Four NGOs including PFC challenge legal immunity for state agents at Investigatory Powers Tribunal-the 'Third Direction' case.


The Court of Appeal, by a majority of two to one, said it was satisfied that the treatment to which Hooded Men had been subjected to would if it occurred today properly be characterised astorture, bearing in mind that the European Convention on Human Rights is a living instrument, but that the test...

'What If?' The story of one mother’s loss.

Shankill Bomb Play to be performed in Derry The Shankill Road, Belfast 1993. On a sunny Saturday afternoon in October a bomb explodes in Frizzell’s fish shop, killing nine people and one of the bombers. 'Then it hit me - my Leanne was under all them bricks … A mother’s instinct is to protect her...

PFC's submission to the Committee of Ministers

PFC recently made a submission to the Committee of Ministers regarding the ongoing failures of the British government to meet their Article 2 procedural duties to investigate under the McKerr group of cases.

Court Of Appeal Delivers Judgment In Glenanne Report Challenge

The Court of Appeal upheld a decision that the brother of Edward Barnard had a procedural legitimate expectation that an overarching report would be carried out by an independent police team but concluded that there was no enforceable duty under Article 2 ECHR given the passage of time since the...

Museum of Free Derry events to mark 'Battle of the Bogside'

The Museum of Free Derry have organised an extensive programme of events to commemorate 50 years since the Battle of the Bogside. PFC are contributing two events to this programme.

Families of children killed by plastic bullets dissatisfied following meeting with Karen Bradley

Yesterday (17.07.19) the families of Paul Whitters and Julie Livingstone met with Secretary of State Karen Bradley to discuss the closure of files relating to their loved ones. In 1981 15 year-old Paul Whitters and 14 year-old Julie Livingstone were killed by the RUC and British army using plastic...