Memo to Lt Col Pownall, MoD from JF Howe, Civil Adviser to GOC re UDR - Membership of UDA, 31 July 1972

In this memo examples are given of possible joint membership of the UDR and UDA. Howe goes on to state: 'One important (but unspoken) function of the UDR is to channel into a constructive and disciplined direction Protestant energies which might otherwise become disruptive...it would be counter-productive to discharge a UDR member solely on the grounds that he was a...
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DEFE 24/822 - Ministry of Defence Letter 7 August 1972

Ministry of Defence internal letter where allegations of collusion are discussed in relation to UDR arms losses.
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Subversion in the UDR and Annex E

The original intelligence report prepared for the Joint Intelligence Committee and Downing St
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UDA Membership of the UDR

An internal military Staff-in-Confidence memo on UDA membership of the UDR suggests that a 'moderate line' should be taken towards UDA members because of the role of the UDA as a 'safety valve'.
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UDA membership of the UDR

The issue of UDA membership of the UDR, a locally recruited regiment of the British Army, was the subject of various memos and correspondence.
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Thatcher and the UVF

This note concerns the UVF only by this stage, 1979, Thatcher is the Prime Minister. In a hand written note she urged mention of the ‘Volunteer Ulster Defence Regiment (? Is that the name)’.
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Wilson/Thatcher Meeting September 1975

It’s September 1975. Opposition leader Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative spokesman on the North, Airey Neave, meet with Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, and Northern Secretary, Merlyn Rees. Two weeks earlier, two loyalist ambushes at fake security force checkpoints had resulted in five murders.
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Murdered by the Glenanne gang: ‘Patrick lived till the ripe old age of 13’

Patrick Barnard died in a 1976 bomb attack in Dungannon, Co Tyrone. His brother Eddie is now taking a legal challenge against the PSNI.

British army 'covered up' UDR units links to UVF

The investigative website, The Detail, in co-operation with the Irish News, published a numbers of articles based on documents uncovered by the PFC at the National Archive in Kew. The declassified documents concern security investigations into loyalist infiltration of 10 UDR, the Belfast city...


A former unionist councillor has revealed that while he was serving as a lance corporal in the Ulster Defence Regiment, he was also a commander in the paramilitary UDA. In a frank interview in today’s Irish News he confirms that the British army was aware of his links to the loyalist group and tells...