Concerns on News Re: Police Ombudsman Receipt of PSNI files

13 April 2017

The PFC is concerned at news that the PSNI are temporarily "suspending" their release of "sensitive" intelligence information to the NI Police Ombudsman, fearing it could jeapordise current investigations

This is a message for all bereaved families in the North concerned at this morning's BBC news report, particularly this sentence:

"The police have suspended the release of any further sensitive material to the ombudsman's office until a review of security protocols is carried out".

The Pat Finucane Centre has spoken to the Ombudsman's office this morning and they are hoping to get this worrying development resolved as quickly as possible, within weeks. It will not affect the Ombudsman's investigation into the "Glenanne Series" in the short-term. Clearly, this will be of great concern to families who have already suffered so much injustice but it may not be quite the disaster it first appears to be. Keep your nerve and we hope it is a glitch rather than anything worse. We will keep you informed. If you know any family who may be worrying, particularly those without access to the internet, please pass this on.