loyalist collusion

PRESS STATEMENT in relation to the settlement of the Campbell family Civil Case, Monday 21 November 2022

There is something wrong with a society that forces the widow and children of Pat Campbell to have to take legal action against elements of that state to get some small level of satisfaction for the pain and hurt that was visited on the family late in the evening of Monday 29 October 1973 by then...

Explaining Collusion and Providing Hard Evidence

Mark Curtis's work in writing about British imperialism and London's true foreign policy strategies is world-renowned. The PFC warmly recommends his books and we were honoured to be asked to write about British policy in Ireland for his new website, "Declassified".

Minister for Foreign Affairs Accepted "Every Word" That Officers Suspected of Collusion in Murder of Pat Finucane Would Be Arrrested

In 1991, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gerry Collins, accepted without question the RUC Chief Constable, Sir Jack Hermon's assurances that any officer suspected of collusion in the murder of Pat Finucane would be arrested.

Order of Mandamus in Glenanne Cases

Copy of the Order of Mandamus issued by Judge Treacy on 7 November 2017 compelling the Chief Constable to put in place a mechanism to complete the Overarching Report into collusion in over 120+ killings attributable to the Glenanne gang.

Loughrey family lodge complaint with OPONI

How can someone be a suspect in four murders but never be arrested or questioned by the police? How can you be named on the Police National Computer as being wanted for questioning for these murders, yet travel freely around the UK, even reportedly running a bed and breakfast in Scotland? These are...

British army and NIO answer collusion questions

The Irish News put the following questions to the British army and the Northern Ireland Office

Evidence 'final proof' for nationalists

THE emergence of the first documented evidence of large scale collusion and government knowledge of it, represented “final proof” for nationalists of a long-standing grievance, according to one media observer. As the story unfolded it sparked a lengthy debate on the north’s leading internet platform...

'Tradition of British cover-ups protects squeaky clean image'

A clergyman who pioneered research into security force activities during the troubles has said the collusion documents revealed in The Irish News point to a “terrible cover-up”. Fr Raymond Murray worked with Monsignor Denis Faul and Fr Brian Brady to catalogue allegations of wrongdoing in the police...

'One man's collusion, another man's anti-terrorism activity'

Documents showing the British government was aware of large scale collusion between security forces and loyalists from as early as 1973 were written by officials who “did not know what they were talking about”, a leading Ulster Unionist has claimed.


Documents confirming that the British government was aware of large-scale collusion between security forces and loyalists point to a “terrible cover-up”, an expert observer of the Troubles has said. During the worst years of violence Fr Raymond Murray worked with Mgr Denis Faul and Fr Brian Brady to...