CJ4-3963 - Memo from Colin Davenport to Mr. Fergusson - 22 September 1981

Following renewed calls for the proscription of the UDA on the basis that the UDA and the UFF were 'one and the same' Davenport noted that that UDA had denied any connection with the UFF. He continued cynically: 'In terms of the politics of proscription, we have always regarded the existence of such denials as more important than their accuracy.'
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Declassified Document- 'UFF Fictitious' 02.09.76

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Weapons and Shooting Statistics (added May 2018)

Official memo on weapons seized on both sides of the border between 1969-1976 with a breakdown of types of weapons and a summary of key seizures. The information was supplied by the RUC Data Reference Centre which carried out intelligence analysis under the aegis of Special Branch. This February 1977 memo highlights the involvement of republican and loyalist organisations in...
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Weapon's record of terror

TEXT OF ANNEX E Annex E: A List of Terrorist Outrages In Which One of the Sub-Machine Guns Stolen in the Lurgan UDR/TAVR Centre Arms Raid on 23 October 1972 Has Subsequently Been Used.

The story of Thomas Curry

THOMAS Curry, a civilian sea captain from Lancashire, was gunned down by hooded men after going ashore in Belfast to post a letter. Capt Curry was well known at Belfast's commercial docks and he stopped for a drink in a nearby bar before returning to his vessel, the Orwell Fisher. The UDA/UFF...