Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday 50 Years On - ONE WORLD, ONE STRUGGLE

Attached please find a link to the full programme of this year's events to mark the 50th commemoration of Bloody Sunday…

My father was killed on Bloody Sunday. Britain must confront its colonial legacy

"The decision to only charge one soldier is astonishing. Little England must face up to the absolute horrors of its past The decision by the Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland to bring murder and attempted murder charges only against Soldier F for his alleged actions on Bloody Sunday...

Bloody Sunday and how the British empire came home

"The events of 30 January 1972 in Northern Ireland weren’t an aberration. Britain has been in the business of killing dissenters across its former empire for decades....."

Annual Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture this year is delivered by Dr Asad Abushark, International Coordinator of Palestine’s Great March of Return

Almost 200 Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli military forces during the powerful wave of protests in the region last year known as the Great March of Return. Dr Abushark has lectured and written extensively on the Palestine question and the right of return. He is a visiting Professor of...

Bloody Sunday Trust announce 2019 Commemoration events

A powerful programme of talks, screenings and events has just been unveiled by the Bloody Sunday Trust and Pat Finucane Centre for the 47th annual Bloody Sunday Commemorations later this month. Among this year’s events will be a special focus on Palestine’s Great March of Return with Dr Asad...

Criminal Conduct and Non-Accountability of soldiers in the North of Ireland

General submission from M&F concerning 1972 RMP/RUC 'Gentleman's Agreement', Shooting with Impunity, General Lawlessness of Soldiers, Modification of Plastic Bullets, Private Supplies of Bullets, Breaches of Yellow Card and the Reputation of the Paras.

Bloody Sunday Memorial Lecture: Professor Phil Scraton

Fractured Lives, Dissenting Voices, Recovering Truth: Hillsborough activist Professor Phil Scraton reflects on four decades of in-depth research into deaths involving state institutions – Hillsborough, Prisons and Ireland – focusing on his work with the bereaved, survivors and their advocates.

Rewriting History on Film: Panel discussion with Jimmy McGovern, Sean Murray & Eimhear O'Neill

'No amnesty' call for British soldiers from Protestant victim's daughter

Daughter of Robert Ritchie McKinnie, shot dead by a member of the Parachute Regiment in the Shankill area of Belfast in September 1972, says there should be no amnesty for soldiers involved in fatal shootings.

Durkan: Finucane Findings Reveal Appalling Policy Of Army Immunity

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has said new findings by the Pat Finucane Centre establish a clear level of engagement between the Attorney General Sir Basil Kelly and representatives of the British Army in 1971 which led to the "appalling decision" that any soldier should be immune from prosecution for...