Tribunal judges divided on MI5 secret approvals for serious crime

Statement on behalf of the Pat Finucane Centre, Reprieve and Privacy International and CAJ. Five judges of the UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal have given a divided ruling over a secret MI5 policy allowing security service agents to commit serious crimes on UK soil. The judges decided 3-2 that MI5...


Four NGOs including PFC challenge legal immunity for state agents at Investigatory Powers Tribunal-the 'Third Direction' case.

MI5 sought immunity for agents' criminal acts, tribunal told

MI5 agents have been granted legal immunity to participate in murder, torture, sexual assaults and other criminality, a tribunal has heard. The secret policy may, for decades, have enabled the security service to conceal illegal activity, Ben Jaffey QC told the investigatory powers tribunal. Even...

MI5 and the 'Hooded Men'

MI5 and the Hooded Men: The role of David Eastwood in Operation Calaba In recent months, the Pat Finucane Centre has uncovered an array of new evidence pointing to the use of waterboarding and electric shock treatment by army and RUC interrogators in Northern Ireland in the 1970s.

Security 'secrecy' still spooking nationalists

The past week was a watershed in republican attitudes to the police. But the ongoing presence of MI5 is the stumbling block to a total acceptance, argues Brian Rowan

Shining a light on deadly informers: The de Silva report on the murder of Pat Finucane

Numerous flaws and oversights in de Silva’s report highlight the need for a full scale independent public enquiry into the British state’s dealings in Northern Ireland. Security agencies tasked with keeping the peace acted beyond the law, lied to their political masters, leaked information to...

Coroner concerned by ‘elusive’ nature of MI5

Northern Ireland’s most senior coroner yesterday admitted to becoming “increasingly vexed” at his inability to contact the top secret MI5 organisation. Coroner John Leckey expressed a growing irritation at the elusive nature of the intelligence agency’s new role in Northern Ireland.

Submission by head of MI5

The head of MI5 (the UK's internal security service), Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, has submitted a statement to the Court of Appeal in the House of Lords on the use of intelligence from a third state which may have been obtained by the use of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment. (PFC note-MI5...