Cousin of Murder Victim, Sean Brown, speaks out against "Legacy Bill"

The Murder of Sean Brown: Inherited Trauma in Northern Ireland: Twenty-five years have now passed since the murder of my father’s cousin, Sean Brown. The Troubles legacy bill does nothing to heal my family’s inherited trauma.


London’s latest legacy proposals contain nothing for families bereaved in the conflict. No self-respecting judge, police officer/former police officer or historian should touch them with a barge pole. Perpetrators can apply for immunity from prosecution behind closed doors without their evidence...

Margaret Urwin's statement to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission

Statement submitted for the record by Margaret Urwin to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, at the U.S. Congress' House Foreign Affairs Committee, in its hearing on accountability for human rights abuses during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

London's Proposals to Bar Access to Justice Rejected

The Northern Ireland ‘amnesty’: Hiding Britain’s ‘misdeeds’? A proposed sweeping amnesty that would stop all investigations into crimes committed during the Troubles, including those by the British military, threatens to thwart the pursuit of truth and justice for victims’ families. History shows...

Legacy Practitioners Open Letter: legacy commitments in NDNA must be returned to

Thursday 17 June 2021 For immediate release An open letter endorsed by human rights NGOs, academics and lawyers raises deep concerns regarding the upcoming Northern Ireland legacy bill put forward in the Queen’s Speech 2021. The current British Government committed in the January 2020 (UK-Ireland)...

Theresa May misled Parliament @ PMQs

Today a half page advertisement appeared in the Guardian Newspaper, calling out British Prime Minister Theresa May for misleading Parliament at Prime Minister's Questions regarding the investigations into conflict-related deaths in the north.

Briefing paper for families on British army killings/investigations/prosecutions + LIB/PSNI fact sheet

UPDATE FOR FAMILIES: British Army killings/ prosecutions etc. There has been extensive media coverage recently covering the alleged “witch-hunt” against former members of the British Army for actions carried out during the conflict. There has also been speculation that the British government would...