Hooded Men case

17 February 2017

Four days of legal argument in the "Hooded Men" case has ended and Mr Justice Maguire has retired to consider his ruling. Karen Quinlivan, QC, like Hugh Southey QC before her, ended with a flourish, calling the British government's case "preposterous".

There is no doubt, she said, that a serious crime was committed but there was no criminal investigation. This undermines public confidence in the law, particularly as there is credible evidence that the crime was authorised at a high ministerial level and "every effort" was made to conceal it.

When, in 2014, new evidence was found in the official archives, that Lord Carrington had "authorised torture", the PSNI chose NOT to investigate the claim but to question instead the authenticity of the document. Thus their so-called "investigation" was wholly inadequate and ineffective said Ms. Quinlivan.

The hearing ended on an upbeat note with the men and their families and supporters (including Mons. Raymond Murray) thanking their lawyers.