"London Has Serious Questions to Answer": Tyrone Man Orphaned by Glenanne Gang

Eamon Devlin and his two brothers and sister, Patricia, were orphaned when their parents were gunned down by the Glenanne Gang.

A UDR soldier was later convicted although his military status was suppressed from the courts, the public and the bereaved family.

Another UDR soldier was also a prime suspect but he was never arrested and prosecution papers for unrelated offences, including possession of ammunition and explosives, disappeared in suspicious circumstances.

In this short programme (see link below) Eamon views archive footage of the car in which his parents were murdered, for the first time - and demands that the British government finally admit its role.

James and Gertrude Devlin were two of the estimated 120 people killed by the "Glenanne Gang" between 1972 and 1976.

Eamon left Tyrone and settled in Bradford, Yorkshire.  Through his trade union membership he has recently highlighted his story which caught the attention of his local BBC station.

The BBC tracked down original archive footage of the car in which Eamon's parents were murdered, near Coalisland, and played the film to Eamon who saw it for the first time.

The Glenanne families are back in court on 9 April to argue that their human rights were breached twice - one through the murders of their parents by servants of the British state and, a second time, through its cover-up of their precise role.

More details in the PFC's publication (Mercier Press October 2013) "Lethal Allies" - shortly to become a documentary feature film: "Unquiet Graves".