Good Friday Agreement Implementation Committee

PFC's Anne Cadwallader and Justice for the Forgotten's Margaret Urwin spoke to the Oireachtas on the topic of the Good Friday Agreement's implementation on 12 October. 

You can watch Anne and Margaret’s testimony by following the link below.

Both women had the opinions and experience of the families with whom the PFC and JFF work at the forefront of their minds in making their submissions. Indeed, some of the victims and survivors of the conflict were present.

All impressed upon the committee's members the unspeakable injustice, pain and continuing trauma currently being knowingly inflicted on bereaved families and the injured of the conflict by the unforgivable failure of the British government to abide by its commitments to the European Convention on Human Rights.

By failing to make financial provision for inquests and by its foot-dragging over implementing the Stormont House Agreement, London is betraying those most grievously injured as a result of the conflict in Ireland.