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    After over 50 years seeking justice, the Thompson family of Derry were in court to hear a Coroner say their mother, Kathleen, was shot unjustifiably. The Coroner said she could not be satisfied that the British soldier who opened fire honestly believed he was justified.

    London’s latest legacy proposals contain nothing for families bereaved in the conflict. No self-respecting judge, police officer/former police officer or historian should touch them with a barge pole. Perpetrators can apply for immunity from prosecution behind closed doors without their evidence...
  • London's "New" Proposals on Legacy Fall Far Short

    The PFC rejects London's latest legacy proposals and calls for implementation of the Stormont House Agreement.
  • London's Proposals to Bar Access to Justice Rejected

    The Northern Ireland ‘amnesty’: Hiding Britain’s ‘misdeeds’? A proposed sweeping amnesty that would stop all investigations into crimes committed during the Troubles, including those by the British military, threatens to thwart the pursuit of truth and justice for victims’ families. History shows...
  • Equality Commission investigation into the NIO Legacy Bill

    The Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) and Pat Finucane Centre (PFC) have welcomed a report from the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI - published today 29 September) that concludes the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) breached its Equality Scheme in relation to its proposed...