Brian Nelson

Crown V Brian Nelson Sentence of the Court

5 page sentencing document from the trial of FRU agent Brian Nelson. Given what is now known about Nelson and the extent to which FRU was involved in colluding with the UDA Justice Kelly's remarks on mitigation ring hollow indeed.

Court Docs-Crown V Nelson-Evidence of Gordon Kerr-Colonel 'J'

Transcript of the evidence of Nelson's FRU handler Gordon Kerr-ciphered in court as Colonel 'J'

The ‘British Patriot’, the UDA Gouger and MI5

The following incident gives a fascinating insight into MI5

A License To Murder

Britain stands accused of helping known terrorists to assassinate suspected enemies of the state during the 1980s. A major, two-part Panorama investigation reveals the extent to which some members of the British intelligence services colluded with - and even tried to direct - loyalist death squads...