Andy Tyrie

CJ4-3734 - Memo to unknown recipient from James Allan re Andy Tyrie - 24 March 1975

In a follow-up to his meeting with Tyrie, James Allan sent a memo to a recipient whose name has been redacted. He reported on Tyrie's personal security concerns and his request for help in procuring a firearms certificate. Allan had suggested that Tyrie's bodyguard might be able to obtain one. Tyrie later rang Allan who told him to apply immediately...
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CJ4-3734 - Extract of notes of a meeting between James Allan NIO and Andy Tyrie, UDA - 21 March 1975

'At this clandestine meeting, the only other person present was Tyrie's bodyguard. Tyrie expressed concern for his personal safety and hoped the NIO would assist him in procuring a firearms certificate. If not, Tyrie threatened, he might "have to make provision outside the law." Allan's reponse was that he would prefere not to know about that idea'.
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