Miami Showband

Wilson/Thatcher Meeting September 1975

It’s September 1975. Opposition leader Margaret Thatcher and her Conservative spokesman on the North, Airey Neave, meet with Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, and Northern Secretary, Merlyn Rees. Two weeks earlier, two loyalist ambushes at fake security force checkpoints had resulted in five murders.
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Murdered by the Glenanne gang: ‘Patrick lived till the ripe old age of 13’

Patrick Barnard died in a 1976 bomb attack in Dungannon, Co Tyrone. His brother Eddie is now taking a legal challenge against the PSNI.

Excerpt from HET report on Miami Showband massacre - Robin Jackson

Jackson, who is now dead, has become one of the most notorious figures of 'The Troubles' and is sometimes referred to as 'The Jackal' in open source material. There has always been considerable speculation in some quarters that Jackson was either an agent of the security forces, or was tolerated by...

Statement of Miami Showband families and survivors in response to the findings of the Historical Enquiries Team

We, the families of Tony, Brian and Fran, as well as survivors Stephen and Des, have waited a very long time, over 36 years in fact, to learn the circumstances surrounding the deaths of our loved ones who were shot down so brutally and so callously in the early hours of a summer morning

The mystery of the Miami murders

It was the night the music died: July 31, 1975. Exactly 30 years ago today. By 1975, the North might have imagined it had endured all possible horrors.

International Human Rights Delegation to Probe Collusion Allegations

An international delegation arrived in the North this weekend to probe allegations of collusion highlighted earlier this week in a BBC Spotlight Programme.