shoot to kill

Coroner refuses to list Patrick Duffy inquest due to MOD delays

A Coroner examining the death of Patrick Duffy, shot in the back and side 14 times by an undercover army unit on 24th November 1978 at 2 Maureen Avenue, Derry, has told his family that she cannot list the inquest for hearing to complete before the Legacy Act deadline of 1st May 2024.

Dennis Heaney 40th Anniversary - statement from family

The family of Dennis Heaney (21), shot dead on the streets of his home town Derry by under-cover soldiers of the British Army’s 14th Intelligence Company (a cover name for the SAS) on 10th June 1978. A series of events to remember Dennis on the 40th anniversary have been arranged by the Heaney...

Memo to Secretary of State on security options-Feb 1978 (added May 2018)

1978 memo to SoS (author unknown) outlining security options and highlighting the 'danger signs' that the (British) army are deploying patrols for "suppression" and Intelligence" with no intention of arresting and charging suspects. The memo goes on to suggest that any 'drift' back to army methods and goals is the "road that leads to executive action against terrorists, rather than...
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