Rubber bullets

Criminal Conduct and Non-Accountability of soldiers in the North of Ireland

General submission from M&F concerning 1972 RMP/RUC 'Gentleman's Agreement', Shooting with Impunity, General Lawlessness of Soldiers, Modification of Plastic Bullets, Private Supplies of Bullets, Breaches of Yellow Card and the Reputation of the Paras.

Plastic bullet victim’s family in witness appeal

The family of Derry teenager, Paul Whitters (15), killed by a plastic bullet fired by the RUC more than 35 years ago have issued a new appeal for witnesses.

Declassified documents from the National Archives on the dangers posed by rubber bullets.

The documents, which were found in the National Archives recently by the PFC detail concerns that technical data highlighting the lethal nature of rubber bullets might be exposed in the legal case for compensation being taken on behalf of Derry schoolboy Richard Moore who was blinded by a rubber bullet.
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