Hooded Men

British Empire-Students should be taught history of colonialism say historians

Article from the Independent with comments from various historians regarding the need to teach the history of colonialisation in British universities.

The "Hooded Men"- Irish State case

In 1978 the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) held that the British government had violated Article 3 of the European Commission on Human Rights in their treatment of 14 men in 1971. These "Hooded Men" had been selected for 5 techniques of "Deep Interrogation" - white noise, wall standing/ stress positions, sleep deprivation, bread and water diet, and hooding...
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"Malice Intended" The Hooded Men

Anne Cadwallader tells the story of the Hooded Men, internees subjected to fine-tuned methods of torture, that left little physical evidence, in various imperial theatres of war – from Malaya to Kenya – imported by Britain to Ireland in 1971

5 of the worst atrocities carried out by British Empire, after ‘historical amnesia’ claims

The British people suffer "historical amnesia" over the atrocities committed by their former empire, an Indian MP and author has claimed. Former UN under-secretary general Dr Shashi Tharoor said the British education system fails to tell the real story of empire.

Interrogations of hooded men were ‘taped’

New documents have been uncovered that confirm interrogations of detainees who became known as the “hooded men” were taped, according to the Pat Finucane Centre (PFC) in Derry.

Ireland v. UK: Revisiting the Treatment of the 'Hooded Men'

The Irish government announced this week that it is applying to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to re-open the case it instigated in the early 1970s against the UK government concerning the treatment in detention of fourteen IRA suspects, following their arrest by the British army under...

The Hooded Men

The Committee on the Administration (CAJ) and the Pat Finucane Centre (PFC) welcome Amnesty International’s call to the Irish Government that it seeks to re-open the case it took against the UK in relation to the use of the "five interrogation techniques" inflicted on 14 men when internment was...

Amnesty International urges action by UK and Irish governments

‘A request to the European Court must be lodged within the next two weeks. The clock is ticking’ - Colm O’Gorman. Allegations that the UK government sanctioned the use of torture and ill-treatment in Northern Ireland in the 1970s should be re-examined by the European Court of Human Rights and...

Torture Retold: How the Hooded Men case has come back under the spotlight

It was January 31st, 1972, the day after Bloody Sunday. The head of the army department in the British Ministry of Defence, John M Parkin wrote to the Chief of Staff, Northern Ireland, Brigadier Marston Tickell, seeking the facts on more than 100 allegations of torture and inhuman and degrading...

The RTÉ programme that prompted the Irish Government to seek a re-opening of the case at the European Court.