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  • The Pat Finucane Centre at Féile an Phobail 2017

    The PFC is making two presentations at this year's Féile an Phobail. (1) Torture and the Legacy of Colonialism and (2) How Statistics Are Twisted For Political Purposes
  • Police Ombudsman Asks "Is Funding Crisis" Mechanism to Prevent Truth?

    The North's Police Ombudsman Highlights A Funding Crisis And The Human Cost To Bereaved Families
  • Tamil Widow's Complaint to NI Ombudsman On RUC "Shoot-to-Kill"

    Declassified British official documents reveal that, in 1983, the RUC advised police officers in Sri Lanka on counter-insurgency methods shortly after a new "special unit" shot dead six men in County Armagh.
  • US Report Highlights Vilification of NI Lawyers In Legacy Cases

    Lawyers Representing Bereaved Families Must Be Respected And Free From Intimidation
  • Sri Lanka and Ireland - Worlds Apart But Parallels Learned

    Events in Derry and Belfast to show solidarity with the Tamil people of Sri Lanka who continue to suffer discrimination and violence.