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    Senior government advisor, Lord Caine, says there's no impediment to former RUC/PSNI serving as investigators in proposed legacy inquiries. Yet another reason for victims' families to oppose Government plans.
  • PFC's latest submission to the Committee of Ministers

    The Pat Finucane Centre (PFC, Derry/Armagh/Belfast, Northern Ireland) in conjunction with Justice for the Forgotten (JFF, Dublin) wishes to make the following Rule 9 submission to the Committee of Ministers on its supervision of the following cases relating to security force actions in Northern...
  • PFC's submission to the Committee of Ministers

    PFC recently made a submission to the Committee of Ministers regarding the ongoing failures of the British government to meet their Article 2 procedural duties to investigate under the McKerr group of cases.
  • In the matter of an application by Geraldine Finucane for Judicial Review (Northern Ireland)

    Background to the Supreme Court case along with links to the hearings.
  • PFC submission to Committee of Ministers

    The Committee of Ministers meet this week (12th - 14th March 2019) to examine the implementation of judgements & decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. In advance of this meeting, PFC provided a written submission to the Committee outlining our concerns regarding the ongoing failure of the...