Marian Price

The detention of IRA veteran Marian Price harks back to internment

Today, parole commissioners for Northern Ireland will decide whether to order the release of the IRA veteran Marian Price from Maghaberry prison. The 57-year-old has been held since last May, when the Northern Ireland secretary, Owen Patterson, signed an order revoking her licence.

Free Marian Price and Martin Corey

The PFC is arguing for the release of Belfast woman Marian Price and Lurgan man Martin Corey from Maghaberry jail on the basis that both are effectively interned without trial — contrary to all domestic and international human rights standards. Ms. Price was sent to jail last May by an order of the...

PFC letter to Owen Paterson: Marion Price

We write to express our deep concern at the revocation of Marion Price’s licence. We note that her solicitor described this as “unlawful as it rode a coach and horses through the presumption of innocence.”