29 September 2020

Staff at the Pat Finucane Centre/Justice for the Forgotten (and more importantly, the families for whom we advocate who lost loved ones in what has become known as the Glenanne series of attacks) have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the film Unquiet Graves since it was broadcast by RTE1 on 16 September.

Thousands of messages have poured in from across the world expressing support for the families.  We have also received many inquiries about the book Lethal Allies upon which the film was based.

We have also noted a small number of claims, made in some newspapers and on social media, challenging the film's sources.

We can only direct anyone who doubts the veracity of anything in Unquiet Graves to Lethal Allies, which is extensively-sourced both in official documents and the reports of police and other public inquiries.

Lethal Allies contains 26 pages citing official and other highly reliable sources.  It became the first book ever to be granted the status of a legal exhibit in High Court legal proceedings.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to support the bereaved families who are still awaiting the full truth of their relatives’ deaths.