Finucane family still in the dark after meeting PM Blair

The family of Pat Finucane left today's meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair with as many questions as answers according to Michael Finucane, son of the murdered Belfast solicitor.

The family sought the meeting over concerns following the British Government announcement that new legislation is to be introduced before an inquiry is set up due to "national security considerations." Speaking to the PFC tonight Michael said,

"We sought specific assurances which we didn't receive. Whether or not we co-operate with any eventual inquiry depends now on the nature of the legislation to be introduced. We are still very much in the dark and this is unsatisfactory after 15 years."

"But we had to leave the British Prime Minister in no doubt that if we are put to the sword we will walk away."

Speaking earlier today Geraldine Finucane said,

"We think we are entitled to a public inquiry with an international aspect to it, an inquiry that will get to the truth of this matter and which will bring closure for us.

"Closure is something that we want but we will not accept it at any price."

Mrs Finucane added: "If we are given something substandard of course we will walk away."

Pat Finucane was murdered in his home in February 1989 by loyalist gunmen working on behalf of RUC Special Branch and the Force Research Unit of the British Army.