CJ4 3963. Memo to David Wyatt (MI6's man in Belfast) from David Blatherwick, 19 October 1981

In this memo, Blatherwick claims that neither Ministers nor officials have had direct dealings with persons or organisations involved in paramilitary activity 'in recent years.' A closed file in Kew, however, gives the lie to that statement. The file's reference and title is: CJ4 3963, Meetings and contacts with UDA leadership 1976-79. In an earlier memo it was claimed that when Roy Mason became Secretary of State he had put an end to the 'old Laneside days.' Blatherwick was recommending renewing contact with UDA members who were not currently or previously involved in terrorist activities. A handwritten note at the top of p.1 noted that'This is getting into dangerous territory, just as sectarian tit-for-tat killings are on the increase. If we talk to UDA officially, why should we continue to refuse to talk to PSF [Provisional Sinn Féin].


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