UDR Declassified

Shocking exposé of the hidden secrets of the UDR based on a deep dive into declassified British files.

Micheál Smith

In UDR: Declassified, we reveal what the British establishment, the British government and its armed forces knew and had to say

Fermanagh: From Plantation to Peace Process

Margaret Urwin

This comprehensive history charts the major events that have shaped County Fermanagh from the days of the Ulster Plantation.

The Impact of the Parachute Regiment in Belfast 1970-73

Micheál Smith

“A fine and definitive expose of the full extent of the insidious policies of 'Perfidious Albion' in its own backyard.

Protestant Migration from the West Bank of Derry / Londonderry 1969-1980

1 March 2018

Dr Ulf Hansson and Dr Helen McLaughlin

Why did members of the Protestant/ Unionist/Loyalist (PUL) community leave the west bank of Derry in their thousands s

Anatomy of a Cover-up

PFC Report into the deaths of Gary English and Jim Brown

PFC Report on the deaths of Gary English & Jim Brown, 19 April 1981

On April 19 the PFC published a report into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Gary English and Jim Brown who were killed

A State in Denial

British collaboration with loyalist paramilitaries

Margaret Urwin

This meticulously researched book uses previously secret official documents to explore the tangled web of relationships between the top e


A history of undercover military units in Northern Ireland 1971-1976

Margaret Urwin

In this pamphlet, Margaret Urwin of Justice for the Forgotten presents the results of this research in relation to one key actor in the e

Gerald Donaghey

The truth about the planting of nail bombs on Bloody Sunday

Conal McFeely

Derry’s history; 15 June, 2010, was one of the brightest.

Lethal Allies

British Collusion in Ireland

Anne Cadwallader

Farmers, shopkeepers, publicans and businessmen were slaughtered in a bloody decade of bombings and shootings in the counties of Tyrone a