Consultation on dealing with legacy of the past

The Northern Ireland Office has launched their consultation on dealing with the legacy of the past in the north. This consultation will be open for 4 months, closing on 5 October 2018. PFC has been supporting families who wished to make submissions. We would encourage those impacted to consider the document and respond with your thoughts. 

Details on how to take part in this consultation are included in the document attached and reproduced below for ease of use:

"About this consultation 
2.1 Who can respond to this consultation? The Government is seeking views on these proposals from all interested parties, individuals and groups from across the United Kingdom on the matters covered by this consultation.   
2.2 Purpose of this consultation The proposals set out here require primary legislation and will have a direct impact on many peoples’ lives.  The Government recognises the need to keep the public informed on such important matters and to allow people the opportunity to comment on the policy proposals.   
This consultation therefore invites people to answer a number of questions in relation to the proposals, including in relation to the provisions in the draft Northern Ireland (Stormont House Agreement) Bill.  These questions are posed throughout the document. A complete list of questions can be found at the end of the consultation document at page 70.  
2.3  Scope of the consultation This consultation applies to all of the United Kingdom. 
2.4 Duration of the consultation The consultation closes to responses on 10th September 2018 
2.5 How to respond to this consultation You can respond to this consultation online at the following address: 
You can also send your consultation responses to: 
Legacy Policy Team Northern Ireland Office Stormont House Stormont Estate Belfast BT4 3SH  

When responding, please state whether you are doing so as an individual or representing the views of an organisation.  If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, please make it clear who the organisation represents and, where applicable, how the views of members were assembled.  We will acknowledge your response. 
The consultation document will be available in other formats upon request. You can email any queries to: 
2.6 Government response A summary of responses to this consultation and details of the action that the Government will take, or has taken, will be published on the Government website at The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) will aim to publish this information within twelve weeks of the consultation closing date.   
Subject to the outcome of the consultation, the NIO would like to continue to keep you informed about progress on addressing the legacy of the past.  You can choose not to receive any further communication from us on the response form or if you are responding in hard copy, by indicating this in your response."