Speech by Geraldine Finucane at the unveiling of a mural in West Belfast to commemorate Pat Finucane

09 December 2012

I would like to welcome all of you to this event to mark and commemorate the continuing legacy of my late husband, Pat Finucane. Since Pat’s death, as you all know, our family has been involved in an international campaign seeking the establishment of an independent public inquiry into the circumstances of his murder. I am very pleased to be able to unveil this mural in West Belfast. It is the area Pat grew up in with his family, his parents, his brothers and sister, many years ago. He probably played in this street as a boy. He would certainly have walked it as a young man. This was one of the places he was happiest during his life, as he dreamed of the future. I cannot think of anywhere that would be more appropriate to host a memorial to Pat’s continuing legacy than somewhere so closely linked to his past.


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