Pearse Jordan

Coroner concerned by ‘elusive’ nature of MI5

Northern Ireland’s most senior coroner yesterday admitted to becoming “increasingly vexed” at his inability to contact the top secret MI5 organisation. Coroner John Leckey expressed a growing irritation at the elusive nature of the intelligence agency’s new role in Northern Ireland.

MI5 will assess risk to police witnesses

THE mother of an IRA man shot dead in disputed circumstances last night hit out after it was revealed that MI5 will be allowed to decide whether police witnesses should be given anonymity at her son's inquest. Teresa Jordan was speaking after an inquest into the murder of her son Pearse was told...

Regina v. Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent) ex parte Amin (FC) (Appellant)

This judgement strengthens the European Court of Human Rights decision in the cases of Jordan, Kelly & Ors, Shanaghan and McKerr v. UK. In Amin, the House of Lords held that the standards laid down by the European Court in Jordan et al set minimum standards that a state must meet to be Article 2...