Mtg of N Division Local Security Committee (added Sept 2017)

Behind Closed Doors

Occasionally the minutes of apparently unimportant meetings offer a fascinating insight. Meetings between unionist delegations (in this case local councillors who were members of the Local Security Committee) and the NIO/RUC and British army, provide a snapshot of the type of lobbying that unionists indulged in when meeting with 'their' local security forces.

Described as a 'lively' meeting it appears that demands were made for more troops and police to be deployed to S. Armagh. Hardly surprising but the next comment is. Such deployment should take place 'even if more deaths resulted-it was part of their job.' Another councillor then suggests that 'helicopter gunships [should] shoot people behaving suspiciously...' and added that '...terrorists should be burnt in their cars.' The implication is that the helicopter gunships could fulfil this task.

The notetaker was less than impressed with the 'outrage' expressed at the flying of a tricolour in Camlough since said provocation seemed to have caused more outrage 'than recent murders in the area'.

A further complaint about the arrest and interrogation of a 'loyal protestant woman' at Gough Barracks led an RUC Inspector to accuse the councillor of 'double standards'. This led to a row about the type of interrogation that suspects should be subjected to.

All behind closed doors at the meeting of the Local Security Committee !  



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