Debate in Oireachtas (Dail) on Dublin & Monaghan Bombings & British failure to co-operate.

25 May 2016

For our country to truly move forward, we must put in place mechanisms for dealing with the legacies of the past. Victims and survivors of atrocities, whether North or South, have a basic entitlement to the truth. The most evil of crimes, including large-scale murder, were witnessed on this island, perpetrated by paramilitary organisations. Some British State forces were also involved in the most heinous of crimes. For the families concerned, the truth must be forthcoming.

I join other Members of this House in calling again on the British Government to remove all obstacles to full and proper investigations into the bombings and murder of innocent people in Monaghan and Dublin in May 1974. Over the past number of years, I have had meetings with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Ms Theresa Villiers, and her predecessors, and also with the British Ambassador.