Joint letter to organisers of Action Trauma Conference in Belfast, June 2024

We are writing to you as representatives of organisations supporting victims and survivors of the recent conflict. It has come to our attention that your conference intends to platform Ms Lesley Carroll from the ICRIR on the theme of trauma and resilience approaches of the Independent Commission for...

AG orders fresh inquest into 1971 British Army killing of Billy McGreanery

The Attorney General, Brenda King, has today ordered a fresh inquest into the death of Billy McGreanery in Derry in 1971. This follows the disappointing decision yesterday by the Public Prosecution Service that the soldier who shot Billy dead would not be prosecuted in relation with the killing...

Barney O'Dowd RIP

One of my first memories of Barney is of him entering a room at Benburb Priory in County Tyrone in 2000, he was there to attend a meeting which had been organised by the Pat Finucane Centre. This older man walked through the door and just lit up the room. Even though he was there to meet others who...

Join Our Team!

PFC are seeking an Advocacy Support Worker to join our team. The PFC provide advocacy, advice and support victims and survivors of the conflict in Ireland. We currently have offices in Belfast, Derry and Armagh, with a Dublin office supporting those in the Republic of Ireland through our sister...

Family of Annette McGavigan issue pre-action protocol letter against PPS to make decision on prosecution before 01 May deadline

Lawyers representing the family of Annette McGavigan issued a pre-action protocol letter against the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) yesterday, requesting a prosecutorial decision regarding the soldier who shot their sister Annette before the 01 May deadline. Annette McGavigan was 14 years old when...

Widows settle collusion cases against MOD & PSNI

Two widows, whose husbands were murdered by the UDA in separate incidents in 1976, have accepted substantial settlements in cases brought against the MOD & PSNI. Mary Loughrey, widow of Jim Loughrey, and Marie Newton, widow of John Toland, settled their cases for an undisclosed six figure sum.


During the course of their investigation into the Glenanne series of murders (Operation Newham), the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (PONI) sent a file relating to a former RUC officer for consideration to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS). The PPS has now decided that there is insufficient...

Coroner refuses to list Patrick Duffy inquest due to MOD delays

A Coroner examining the death of Patrick Duffy, shot in the back and side 14 times by an undercover army unit on 24th November 1978 at 2 Maureen Avenue, Derry, has told his family that she cannot list the inquest for hearing to complete before the Legacy Act deadline of 1st May 2024.

2023 Henry Cunningham Essay Competition

The Pat Finucane Centre is delighted to announce their final Henry Cunningham annual essay competition. This is part of a ten-year award project secured through the Department of Foreign Affairs in memory of Carndonagh teenager Henry Cunningham who was tragically killed in August 1973. This essay is...

PRESS STATEMENT in relation to the settlement of the Campbell family Civil Case, Monday 21 November 2022

There is something wrong with a society that forces the widow and children of Pat Campbell to have to take legal action against elements of that state to get some small level of satisfaction for the pain and hurt that was visited on the family late in the evening of Monday 29 October 1973 by then...


Cover of new book, 'UDR Declassified', showing armed UDR man at a vehicle checkpoint in Northern Ireland

UDR Declassified

Micheál Smith
Fermanagh: From Plantation to Peace Process

Fermanagh: From Plantation to Peace Process

Margaret Urwin
Impact of the Parachute Regiment 1970-173

The Impact of the Parachute Regiment in Belfast 1970-73

Micheál Smith
Migration Report

Protestant Migration from the West Bank of Derry / Londonderry 1969-1980

Dr Ulf Hansson and Dr Helen McLaughlin
Anatomy of a Cover up

Anatomy of a Cover-up

PFC Report on the deaths of Gary English & Jim Brown, 19 April 1981
A State in Denial

A State in Denial

Margaret Urwin
Counter Gangs


Margaret Urwin
Gerald Donaghey

Gerald Donaghey

Conal McFeely
Lethal Allies Cover

Lethal Allies

Anne Cadwallader

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Collusion is any act, or omission of an act, in which state agents encourage or engage in criminal actions with illegal forces. It can never...
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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is the system of law enforcement used for all stages of criminal proceedings and punishment. It includes the...
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European Convention on Human Rights

The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, better known as the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)...
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Truth Recovery

The PFC believes that bereaved families have a right to truth and justice. We advocate for an independent truth recovery process that is...
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State Violence

PFC believe that the British state’s failure to uphold the principle that no one is above the law was the single greatest factor creating...
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Maghaberry Prison in particular has been dogged by controversies around humiliating strip searches, association among politically motivated...
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The security service MI5 has had overall responsibility for security in the North since August 2007. In August 2007 the British Security...
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Glenanne / Lethal Allies

Drawing on over 15 years of research by the PFC, and using forensic and ballistic information never before published, this book includes...
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Plastic Bullets / Tasers / CS Gas

17 people were killed during the conflict by members of the security forces firing plastic or rubber bullets/ batons. 8 of the 17 people...
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Legacy of Colonialism

Why would an Irish based human rights group produce an exhibit on the legacy of colonialism? And why here and why now? The question about...
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