Victims’ Groups to call for independent, international Truth Commission

14 January 2008

Several key groups representing bereaved families and survivors of the conflict are to hold a press conference on 14th January 2008 to call jointly for an independent, international Truth Commission. The event will be held in The Press Room, Parliament Buildings, Stormont at 11.00am.

The groups involved comprise The Pat Finucane Centre, Relatives for Justice, Justice for the Forgotten, Ardoyne Commemoration Project, An Fhirinne, and Firinne Fermanagh and collectively represent families of more than a 1,000 victims of the conflict across Ireland.

Over the past year these groups, from across the island, have been meeting to discuss truth recovery, examine truth commissions elsewhere, and agree core principles and values that would be required as part of a Truth Commission here. The call for a Truth Commission is timely, in light of recent intense public and media debate on how to deal with the past, during which contentious issues such as amnesties and whether the conflict constituted a war are being raised.

Speaking ahead of the press conference a spokesperson for the groups said;

'Dealing with the past is an essential element in the process of transition and is a major outstanding issue yet to be resolved. It is our belief that we now have a unique opportunity to fully address the legacy of the past and that an independent, international Truth Commission provides the best way forward for the entire community.’