Police Ombudsman

PFC submission to Committee of Ministers re McKerr & ors v UK

Below is the PFC's recent submission to the Committee of Ministers concerning the McKerr group of cases. We have also attached the statement by the Irish Government to the CoM and their response issued today. Copies of other useful documents can be found on the Council of Europe website and the deci...

Concerns on News Re: Police Ombudsman Receipt of PSNI files

The PFC is concerned at news that the PSNI are temporarily "suspending" their release of "sensitive" intelligence information to the NI Police Ombudsman, fearing it could jeapordise current investigations

Chief Constable accused of ‘spin doctoring’ in Brown murder

Statement from the family of Sean Brown issued through the Pat Finucane Centre

RUC made no effort to find loyalist murderers

A saga of sinister elements and spectacular incompetence was exposed yesterday in the police investigation of a sectarian murder in Northern Ireland.

Ombudsman Report - A Damning Indictment

SINN FEIN'S Martin McGuinness has said that the report by the Police Ombudsman into the investigation of the murder of Sean Brown by loyalists was a 'damning indictment' of the policy of collusion and cover up.

Sean Brown Report

The report of the Police Ombudsman into the RUC investigation of the 1997 loyalist murder of Sean Brown is now available online