Appendix 2: The Samuel Devenny Enquiry

06 May 1969

Disturbances and Incidents

Prime Minister's Statement on further Criminal proceedings

"The Attorney General has informed the Cabinet that in the public interest and after taking into account all relevant current circumstances, he has concluded that no criminal proceedings should continue or be initiated in respect of events associated with or arising out of political protests, utterances, marches, meetings or demonstrations occurring between 5th October 1968 and today and is giving instructions accordingly. The Attorney General made it clear to the Cabinet, however, that proceedings would be taken against any of those persons concerned in any way in activities relating to acts of sabotage who could be brought to Justice. In the light of the Attorney general's decision, the Minister of Home Affairs has decided to recommend forthwith to His Excellency, the Governor, such remission of sentences as will enable all persons presently serving terms of imprisonment as a result of such prosecutions to be released. "