ROLMA - The Recovery of Living Memory Archive

A project of the Pat Finucane Centre

Update December 2008


For over nine years the PFC has been involved in extensive research & documentation in Counties Down, Armagh, Tyrone, Monaghan and Louth. The intention is to research and document the activities of a number of linked death squads operating in these counties, centred around the ‘murder triangle’ in the 1970s. The project began following an approach to the PFC by relatives of three people who lost their lives in a gun and bomb attack. It has now been established that the gang which carried out this attack included members of the RUC and UDR. The Glenanne series of cases are currently being investigated by the Historical Enquiries Team. In the Spring of 2009 it is expected that a HET report on the central allegations will be made available to families. An edited version will then be published.

The PFC is presently co-operating with over seventy families in the area who have lost relatives as the result of the activities of loyalist paramilitaries operating out of the Portadown, Dungannon/ Moy S.Armagh/ Glenanne axis. Over 120 deaths can be attributed to this group which included members of the UVF, RUC and the 8th and 11th Battalions of the UDR. Some members of the gang had intelligence links.

The aims of the Recovery of Living Memory Archive are:

To record the untold stories of relatives, survivors and witnesses and those who were scarred physically and emotionally as a result.

To document in detail the activities of the death squads active in the area, the degree to which they co-operated and the extent to which members of the security forces colluded in the attacks.

To determine the response of the Coroner’s Court, RUC, British Army, Director of Public Prosecutions, Attorney General and NIO to the illegal activities of loyalist paramilitaries in and around the murder triangle.


Since the information below was first posted on the site extensive research has continued. Our understanding of many incidents has improved vastly. Fact files on many of the key cases have been completed. Unfortunately these are not available to be put in the public domain, at least in the short term.



Collusion in the south Armagh / mid Ulster area in the mid-1970's



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