P.U.L. Migration project

The PFC has commissioned research which explores the phenomenon of Protestant / Unionist / Loyalist (PUL) migration from the West Bank of the Foyle over the period 1969 – 1980 approximately. 

The academic researchers are Dr Helen Mc Laughlin and Dr Ulf Hansson and a cross community advisory group will imput into the research however the findings will be reached independently of the PFC and the advisory group. The project has been part funded by the Reconciliation Fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs and a report will be published in May/June 2017.

1) The research questions

The research questions are:

  1. To what extent did PUL migration take place in this period? This will require a review of census data and other sources signaling population numbers and shifts over time.
  2. What were the factors which led to this movement? This will require exploration of:
    • The political climate at the time;
    • Local events and tensions at the time including conflict-related deaths;
    • Policies of public bodies;
    • The policies / practices of non-public bodies;
    • Relationships at a community, public and political level.

Additional considerations

It will be important in the report to include brief observations on the following:

  • The wider context in which this happened;
  • Related contemporary local phenomena such as migration of the Catholic community;
  • The current situation in 2016-17;
  • The outlook for the future.