Statement of John Finucane at a hearing before the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, in relation to the ongoing campaign by the Finucane family for an independent public judicial inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane

22 August 2009

My name is John Finucane. My father was Patrick Finucane, the Belfast solicitor murdered by Loyalist paramilitaries in 1989. My family and I have campaigned since his murder for a fully independent, judicial public inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the killing. We have done so because of compelling evidence that my father’s murder was part of an approved British Government policy of widespread collusion between the State and Loyalist paramilitaries, which incorporated State complicity in all types of illegal activity, up to and including murder. The campaign my family and I have conducted for the establishment of a public judicial inquiry into my father’s murder has lasted for over 20 years. We have had only one objective from the outset: to discover and uncover the truth behind my father’s murder.


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