A statement from the Finucane family in response to the collapse of the trial of William Stobie, the former RUC agent and UDA member charged in connection with the murder of Pat Finucane.

26 November 2001

We are not surprised by the collapse of the Stobie trial. The trial of Stobie was never a truth seeking process. We have maintained that the Stevens investigation and the prosecution of Stobie was a delaying tactic to thwart the establishment of a public inquiry.

The Stevens investigation has delayed a public inquiry by at least 3 years, so it has served its purpose. The appointment of a judge to review the evidence surrounding the circumstances of Pat’s murder will delay a public inquiry for another 4 to 5 years since it has been proposed that the judge will review the evidence of half a dozen complicated cases.

The appointment of a judge is another delaying tactic. Justice demands that Tony Blair should announce the establishment of a public inquiry now. No amount of political deal making will dilute the family’s entitlement to this very basic human right, the right to truth.